Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A look into my studio.

I'm back from just over two weeks in Portugal. I was ready to come home but now I am I suddenly feel like I want to go back. Still, it would be boring if life was all sun sea and sand hey?

While I was away my studio space was featured on the Scrap 365 blog and after working hard over the past few months to freshen it up I'm proud to show it off. It may not have fancy storage or all my stamps on display (all that dusting) but I'm happy. So for anyone who's curious here it is in all it's glory.

My basement studio is truly the best space in the house I think. Not totally underground so I feel like a mole or something but this part is under the front of our house. I share it with the wine cellar - ah shame, but even that has been squeezed into a corner to make way for the growing stash.

Most of the furniture has been reused from other parts of the house, or indeed other peoples houses as I hate to throw anything away. I'm also not a great fan of having everything out on display and prefer it all in boxes or cupboards.

The art table is my pride and joy and came from a friends studio after she closed down. I have it on a high setting so I can easily stand at it and work as I never sit down anyway.

I don't have things all my own way though and have to share my space with the laundry. The window faces onto the herb garden and even with the huge table I still find myself working on that small patch of worktop.

I'm back to work now with lots of Project Life to catch up with, a workshop to organize and projects to plan.

Jaine xx

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Favourite things

In a few weeks I'm off on my holls then as soon as I'm back it'll be time to plan the next workshop for Mosaik.  Well it's already planned I'll just have to tweek it and prep.

It'll be a paper bag album full of holiday memories like the one below. Lots of messy paint stuff inside as well as pretty paper, what more could you want?

It is my turn to host the latest challenge with Sarah Hurley 365 and the theme is favourites. I have so many favourites it was a very hard thing to try and choose one, so I didn't! Instead I chose a few and put them all onto the front of this album.

Spray inks, pretty background stamps (this one is from Sarah Hurley called Fancy Deco Lattice) paper bag albums and washi tape. I've used both my own hand made tape and that gorgeous zebra tape was sent to me by my good friend and team mate Sharon. That was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Thank you Sharon it's perfect.

Go and pay the blog a visit and play along.

Jaine xx

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Watercolour butterfly

My cousin got married yesterday and sadly we were unable to go to the wedding in the UK but I did make and send a card.

I actually used spray inks to stamp and colour the card but in a none spray way!!  You'll have to go to the Sarah Hurley 365 blog to see how.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Agatha and Gucio.

I'm racing ahead of myself at the moment as I'm away on a lovely sunny holiday to Portugal in three weeks, I'm a busy bee but so far I'm keeping to my schedule.

This little tag is my blog post over on the ASOI blog at the moment and uses these two adorable stamps from Stampotique designed by my good friend Magda.  I've simply collaged and painted the background before adding my images. I love collage with scraps its a good way to use up the bits I can't bear to part with.

take care

Jaine x

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My July layout.

Today I'm sharing my layout for July. It's using the Echo Park Capture Life collection again from ASOI again and this time I've taken one of the plain papers and added texture paste and spray ink painted on to create the simple background.

Jaine x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

PL catch up.

Doing PL is making me realize how quickly time is running away. It's a real treat though to look back over some of the weeks and remember stuff in a way a diary or journal could never do.

I've used a mixture of Becky Higgins, Sarah Hurley and Simple Stories on these pages.

The next two pages are totally Echo Park from the Capture Life Collection kit found at ASOI.

This is as far as I've got which isn't bad going.

I hope you're enjoying the summer sunshine where ever you are?

Jaine x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Little red trike.

Today it's happy birthday to my little brother. I hope he doesn't read this as his card is still in the post - oops.

He's a bit bike mad and choosing the stamp for his card was easy. This is my stamp design "On Your Bike" from the Special Editions range with Sarah Hurley.

I created a bit of a retro look on the front of the card using the little trike as my main focus.

 That little red trike was mine but being the generous big sister that I am I let him use it when he was a toddler.

I cut around it with my Instant die from Sizzix, taking out the centre panel to add some  distress ink and watermarks.

The card is featured on the Sarah Hurley 365 blog today.

Happy birthday bro.

big sis xx

Monday, 14 July 2014

End of term already?

I can't believe how the time has flown by. It seems like just a few weeks ago since the new school year started and now here we are, at the end already! Where did that go?  I think this summer will be a busy one so I'd better get organized.

Firstly, the new Scrap 365 is out and it's another goodie It is jam packed with a host of floral delights from Kim Price, Gabriella Pollacco, Els Brige and many more!

Alongside all the prettiness we have a fabulous misting tutorial with Eila, Lisa points us in the right direction with arrows, Sanna brings some bling to our pages, Tracee dips into Sunset Shades and Kim W shows that neon doesn't have to be blinding!

There is a host of other wonderful articles and projects including our fantastic readers' layouts in the gallery and Sandra's debut!

I have a couple of pages of home made stencils, can you believe I actually used a fly swat? 

PLUS we have the FANTASTIC Cricut Explore to give away to one lucky well as a

 of other gorgeous goodies :)

AND if you live in the UK you can have this beautiful bumper issue sent to your door with FREE p&p...yes that's right FREE p&p!!!

 Last week I got some creative time and put together this ridiculously quick journal page. 

The main feature of this page that really made me happy was the photo printed onto a clear sticky label sheet. It created this really neat layer .

This week will be all about finishing off the painting of my basement workshop. 

Have a good one

Jaine x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Altered shoes

Ages ago I wrote an article for Craft Stamper which featured a pair of painted shoes, these shoes to be exact.  I've been wearing them out quite a bit and had some really nice complements.

The paint came out again to make this next pair as a birthday gift for a special little girl.

I actually ended up decorating two pairs and this is the second.

A few more photo's can be found on the ASOI blog at the moment.

Jaine x

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Four years ago, Sarah Hurley started a little challenge blog along with a web site selling some digital images as downloads. I haven't been with her as long as that but I did join the team shortly afterwards and what a journey it's been. From those small beginnings her brand has grown and grown and I couldn't be more proud to actually be a small part of it. The theme therefore for this months challenge is Celebrations and what could be more fitting than to use my own Cupcake stamp set with Sarah in celebration. (I know it says 7 on it but I made it to give to someone else ok?)

I placed the cupcake on foam pads and created a little shelf quite simply by putting some of Sarah's washi tape onto a strip of foam tape for my cupcake to sit on.

You can enter the challenge yourself on the blog here.

Jaine x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nests are most definitely best!

I'm officially feeling like rubbish - summer cold, there's nothing worse!! I'd like right now to just curl up in a nest of my own :(

This is my layout for June which had to feature the House Martins while they were nest building. The babies have already hatched in all of the nests.

With my three photo's I wanted the focus to stay on the photo's and stamping so I kept the paper to a minimum only using one piece to mat the photo's. The title is painted, cut out and stickles added over the top.

I used my own stamp sets with Sarah Hurley called Tweet Tweet and Nests are Best, adding colour with watercolour paints.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Question and answer time Creative blog hop.

I'm so thrilled and indeed honored to have been asked by my friend Gez to join in with the Creative blog hop. It's a none-stop train ride of inspiration and if you care to follow along you'll not be disappointed. I have to thank Gez for the glowing hand over from her blog, I only hope I can come up to scratch.

Anyway, it's Monday and it's my turn to post and for the first part I'm answering a few questions about myself and my work.

  1. What am I working on?
I usually have two, sometimes three projects on the go at the same time. One will be a magazine commission, the second a DT project and the third either my Project Life or an illustration project.

I've just finished up a couple of magazine commissions, one of them for the October Craft Stamper so naturally my first thought was to go with the Halloween thing. It does feel slightly odd sometimes to be working so far ahead and trying to get into a Halloween groove before I've had chance to set my sights on the summer holiday just seems so wrong. The thing is, now that's out of the way I'll be starting on my Christmas projects whilst deciding which swim suit to pack - weird.

This weekend was supposed to be a big gardening weekend but instead it rained....and rained, so I took the opportunity to catch up with some Project Life. I have become a big fan of this type of scrapping. I mostly use Becky Higgins Honey collection mixed in with Sarah Hurley cards and Simple Stories but I really want to try making more of my own cards too.

 I'm in the middle of a big basement painting project and after spending a whole week to do one small bit, I'm having a break before tackling the rest. This is just one end of my studio and in fact is the hard bit. All breeze blocks without plaster so rough and hard going.

     2 .  How does my work differ from others in my genre?

That's a tricky one. I'm not too sure to be honest. I'm not even sure what my style is, if I have one. I do know that I'm never satisfied with doing things the normal way and very quickly try to find some other way to do things. I like to use lots of bright colour in my work too and sharp contrasts. I'm the sort of person who tries to run before I can walk and once I've discovered something I'll move on to trying to re-create it my way before I've had a chance to really learn the basics. It doesn't always work out successfully.

   3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

I'm just obsessed, that's it! I think it's important to share knowledge, what's the point of keeping something all to yourself, that's no fun.

  4.  How does your writing/creative process work?

I dither a lot, I'll let something sit on my table for a few days before sticking anything down as I'm never sure about anything. I have an inspiration journal which I use from time to time in which I keep pictures from magazines along with paint swatches and stuff from my stash. This helps when I'm putting a colour scheme together for example.

If I get blocked on a project and can't think where to take it next I'll put everything away and clean down. I then get a chance to look at it again without the distraction of stuff around me and I might then start to see it differently.  If I create a couple of projects back to back I'll always have to clean up in between as I can't stand starting something surrounded by mess.  It's just a thing!

So that's all about me, now for the next part, meet the three people I've tagged and really want you to meet next week. Click on their names to visit their blogs but be sure to go back next Monday for their blog posts.

My first creative blogger is Clare Brown. 

Clare, who lives in Scotland, is mother to two young boys and amazes me with her vitality and energy. When she's not running after her boys she's running in half marathons.  I'm so envious of her running ability she's an absolute inspiration. She's a Sarah Hurley team mate and also designs for the Special Editions range of stamps which are so cute. Over the past couple of years she's become a very good friend who I value dearly. She's a card maker and more recently a Project Life scrapper and leads the Sarah Hurley team with military precision.

My next creative blogger is Magda Polakow.

I first met Magda on the team of A Sprinkle of Imagination and instantly became a fan. She has such a unique and quirky style which is like no-one else I know and she's an amazing artist. I then found out she lives just half an hour away from my parents home in the UK so we met up in person last February to go together to the trade fair in Birmingham.  We got on brilliantly and spent most of that day laughing. I wasn't surprised at all when she announced she'd designed stamps for Stampotique. Well deserved in my opinion and I look forward to her next range.

My third creative blogger is Katherine Lesh

Katherine is an Australian living here in Luxembourg. She's mother to three boys, two grown up and one still in primary school. Her youngest son is partially disabled so most of her life revolves around his needs. As a release for the stress that this brings she's a card maker. I hope she doesn't mind me saying this but she totally undervalues herself and doesn't realize how amazing her card making is. Her talent lies in the fantastic paper engineered creations she produces. I've seen fancy folds, swinging bits, rolling bits and spinning things on her cards and she'll practice and practice until it's absolutely perfect.

Here's what Katherine had to say,

Hi I'm Katherine or Kate in blog land.  I got hooked on card making about 18 years and have never sent a shop-bought card since.   I've always loved stamping and more recently die cutting.  I like to make 3-d or interactive cards and constantly experiment - many of these end up in the bin but occasionally I succeed in making something a little quirky.  
What I love most about card making is the smile my card gives when it's opened - it gives me a great deal of pleasure too.
I have also dabbled in scrapbooking as well thanks to inspiration from my good friend Jaine. 

Thank you to all three of them for agreeing to be part of this hop.  By all means take a look at their blogs but next Monday please visit them again to see what they've been up to.

Thank you to Gez for nominating me and thank you for reading to the end.

Jaine x

Monday, 23 June 2014

Week 22 of my Project Life.

Ok it's week 22 so not too far behind still. I'm loving the process and the different ways I can create a spread.

For this one I'm using a 12 x 12 sheet of journaling cards by Echo Park which just needs cutting up and arranging. Less than £1 per sheet it's an affordable way to create a layout.  This one is called Capture Life and details can be found here on ASOI.

I may even use this collection to make my monthly layout. My good friend and Sarah Hurley team mate sent me the washi tape used here in a couple of places so thank you Sharon for that.

See you soon

Jaine x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A look at Project Life

Today I've published another of my Project Life pages on the Sarah Hurley 365 blog. I've built the blog post around how I go about putting my page together but since publishing my pages I've had several people telling me how inspired they've been to start which makes me really pleased as I'm growing more and more addicted to it.  Maybe it appealed to me in the first place because I've been a mini book maker for many many years and I spent many years creating art in miniature in the form of ATC's and Inchies.

At the same time I've also had a few people tell me that they think the cost of buying a start up kit expensive and can't justify the cost. Well I hear you loud and clear and let me share with you how I started a year ago.

Maybe I'm a bit tight but I didn't think spending all that on a kit for something which I may not be able to keep up or even like doing sounded like madness so I spent the first year doing it my way. This meant creating my own PL cards cut from patterned papers and sticking them to an A4 sheet. These A4 sized sheets I keep in a regular file folder, very cheaply bought at an office supply store. I will admit that at that time I was also using supplies from Sarah Hurley, some printable and some sent in my DT kits.

This kept me satisfied  for a while and I did indeed fall in love with the process although I did do it in fits and starts and there were large parts of  the year un-documented. This was mainly because I was so hung up on including the pictures that if a week went by with no pictures at all I didn't really know how to approach it.

By Christmas one of the PL kits was on my list and in January I was ready to start in glorious 12 x 12 format.

I'm changing as I go and since January my pages are evolving. I'm now not so hung up on documenting every day (which isn't practical unless you go around with your camera and note book out  all the time) and keep a page per week. I mix my pages up with Becky Higgins cards, Sarah Hurley kit club cards, Simple Stories and some of my own hand cut ones. Look here at week 11 where I only have two photo's so I've filled in with a bit of journaling, I'm not a fan of my own handwriting and try to avoid writing journaling as much as possible that's why I'm in love with my old fashioned typewriter.

My good friend Magda Polakow wanted to start her own PL but wasn't sure how to start. She's a superb artist and I suggested she painted her own cards which she did very successfully and it showed her style better than if she'd simply put together a few cards and photo's. I love what she did below.

I hope I've given you a few helpful hints here if you want to start your own PL but aren't sure how to start. I'd love to know/see you're ideas on PL. There's always the post on Sarah's blog where I go into detail about putting my page together.

Jaine x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer colours tag.

Last week was spent painting my basement studio and to be honest, half way through the week I did wonder if I'd bitten off more than I could chew! It's a lot of wall space and the walls are the rough textured kind so it takes a lot of work to get the paint into the crevices. I did think it would take me the week to do it all but it turns out I could only manage less than half of it.

The worst and darkest bit has been done and I'm very happy with what I've done. I'll have to keep looking to that bit when I get on and finish the rest just .

Anyway, relax at home seemed to be an appropriate sentiment for the weekend and as it's the colour challenge with ASOI I made my tag to go with it.

Jaine x

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Little pink book

Here's a little pink book I made a while ago using Sarah Hurley kit club papers. It's one of those single sheet of paper type folds which is a really quick and easy book to make without tonnes of pages too.

Don't forget the Sarah Hurley blog hop, details in the post below.

I'm painting my basement at the moment so I'm looking at all my stuff piled up in the middle of the room and wondering why did I ever start this? Anyway , must press on. 

Jaine x